​Welcome and congratulations on your engagement! I bet you are excited to start planning your grand event! Have you been thinking about your wedding day since you were young? or are you the kind of person who panics at the sheer thought of pulling off such an occasion?
Whichever bride you are, we are here for you!!

At Leah Craig Events, we offer several different packages to help ensure your special day goes exactly the way you envisioned. We offer everything from a full service wedding planner to professional confidant ready to help only when you require.

Leah Craig Events was founded when Leah decided to follow her heart and do what she loved... planning weddings! For years Leah had been helping friends and family plan their weddings, she had a keen eye for details that are often missed or overlooked and has a passion (okay... maybe a little obsession) for the entire wedding process. Her type-A organized-to-a-"T" personality mixed with her creative flair was enough to make the transition from a wedding planning hobby, to a wedding planning career. Whether you want an antique, rustic, intimate wedding or a non-traditional, modern extravaganza, Leah will be able to help!


We would love to hear from you, and how we can help you achieve your dream wedding today!


Meet Leah

Leah Craig is a wife, a mother and a life-long Kitchener-Waterloo resident.
She loves chocolate, sunsets, flipping through home décor magazines, FRIENDS reruns, pizza, toes in the sand and most of all.... every little detail and emotion that goes into planning a wedding!

Leah is a certified wedding planner with the Wedding Planning Institute of Canada (WPIC). WPIC is the only institution in Canada to certify wedding planners.